Hipokrat Tıbbi Malzemeler

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  • Hipokrat Tıbbi Malzemeler İmalat ve Pazarlama A.Ş has been established in 1972 in order to produce several orthopedic implants and the related instrumentation. The manufacturer leader Hipokrat is currently manufacturing standart classical arthroplasty systems, bone plates, fixators, necessary instrumentations and also custom made prosthesis. Hipokrat along with the cooperation of surgeons , also produces tumour prosthesis systems.


  • 1972 establishment of Hipokrat A.Ş in İzmir with the entrepreneurship of three surgeons and one technician .The aim was to reduce the obligation to import the orthopedic implants which were not available in the country at that time, instead Hipokrat A.Ş started to manufacture them itself and during years this aim brought Hipokrat to the leadership situation in its sector
  • 1986 became a joint-stock company and received TSE certificate ( Turkish Standart Institute Certificate)
  • 1988 first export to France& Germany
  • 1991 foundation of Tempa A.Ş as the main distributor of Hipokrat A.Ş
  • 1994 received ISO 9002 certificate as the first company in its sector and 127. all around Turkey
  • 1995 membership of ISO/TC210 technical commitee
  • 1996 received  ISO 9001/ TSE first in its sector – reaching 1.000.000USD of export capacity- participation to the National Quality Award Competition
  • 1998 received CE certificate first in its sector
  • 1998 development of YSS Spinal System as a result of a cooperation between orthopedic surgeons and Hipokrat A.Ş team and receipt of the patent for this system
  • 1999 received National Technology Success Award for its ‘ R&D Project for the development of orthopedic implant’’
  • 2000 production of the first locally designed ( with the cooperation Turkish orthopedic surgeons) knee prosthesis ( HİPOKRAT 2000 KNEE SYSTEM)
  • 2002 signing of the memorandum agreement with a Chinese company for the manufacturing process in China
  • 2003 export to China, Indonesia, Japan, Malesia, S.Korea, Taiwan
  • 2003 Hayri Dursunoğlu (Chamber of the Board of Hipokrat A.Ş ) becoming a finalist in the World Entrepreneurship Competition organized by Ernst&Young and Milliyet newspaper
  • 2006 Patent League Award with 25 patented products
  • 2006 1st Prize in Anatolian Brands Manufacturing Category
 Hipokrat A.Ş is active in Turkish market with its distributors and its main office in İzmir. In the export countries, Hipokrat A.Ş is active with the distributor system for its own brand name products and also supports all the scientific activities& surgeon projects.